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Birdwatching with binoculars in Playa de Muro

Practice birdwatching in the north of Mallorca from our accommodation. Albufera de Mallorca, La Gola and much more

What is Birdwatching?

This discipline, which is practiced more and more in Mallorca, consists of going to locations specially prepared to enjoy bird watching in its natural environment.

In addition, specific trips and activities are currently organized for this type of user, since not all of them live in areas conducive to this activity.

The Aparthotel Ses Fotges has a privileged location in this sense since we are between three wetlands of high ecological interest.

Within the discipline of Birdwatching and following the tendency to travel to practice it, we can now talk about birdwatching, also called ornithological tourism or observation tourism.

Local birds in Mallorca

One of the things that makes this hobby available to a large number of users is that a large amount of material is not necessary to practice it. With a basic kit consisting of binoculars or telescope, tripod and suitable clothing for hiking we can go out to practice Birdwatching without any problem.

Next we will go into more detail on the material that you should take into account.

Necessary equipment for Birdwatching

For the observation of birds in their environment, it is clear that we will not be able to approach or move as we would like. Therefore, having tools such as binoculars or terrestrial telescopes is essential.

Between the two options, binoculars are more frequent when we are on the move. However, when we stay fixed in one position or in a "hide", the most common thing is to install a terrestrial telescope on a tripod.

Terrestrial telescopes usually have a higher number of optical magnifications and also have an important advantage over conventional binoculars:

Most of them can also be used for photography without the need for large and expensive telephoto lenses. When buying it, we must take into account that there is an adapter that allows you to place a camera directly on it. This discipline of bird photography with telescopes already has its own name: it is digiscoping.

Birdwatcher in hide with prosmatics

In terms of technical or specific material, nothing else is necessary to enjoy Birwatching except suitable clothing. Depending on the area where we are going to make the observation, we must have clothing adapted to the temperature and the terrain.

As a general rule, clothing similar to that of hikers is usually adequate. You just have to keep in mind that it does not have bright colors that can make you stand out.

Where to practice Birdwatching in Mallorca?

In terms of technical or specific material, nothing else is necessary to enjoy Birwatching except suitable clothing. Depending on the area where we are going to make the observation, we must have clothing adapted to the temperature and the terrain.

Albufera de Mallorca (Muro)

From the Aparthotel Ses Fotges you can easily access three important areas perfect for birdwatching. Wetlands that are visited each year by more than 300 different species on their migratory routes.

In addition, we can visit the "Museo S'Albufera de Mallorca" which has photographs of both frequent birds in the Park, as well as local customs and traditions.

Albufereta (Alcudia)

In the area of ​​Alcudia (next to Playa de Muro) we find the area of ​​special ecological value of "La Albufereta". A Nature Reserve that is located in the Bay of Pollensa and which you can reach by public transport, private vehicle or even bicycle.

La Gola (Port de Pollensa)

The last area that you can also reach from the Aparthotel Ses Fotges is the park or the wet area of ​​"La Gola"

Although it is the smallest of the three, it has an interesting Ornithological Tourism Center where, in addition to serving visitors during its opening hours, monitoring and control tasks are carried out on the birds that visit the Nature Reserve.

Hoopoe in the Albufera of Mallorca

When to practice Birdwatching in Mallorca?

The areas of high ornithological value that we have described can be visited perfectly throughout the year.

However, in times of passage of migratory birds, the variety that you will be able to observe will be much greater. Specifically in the spring and autumn seasons is when you can make the best observations and photographs.

Hide para Birdwatching con persona dentro

Do you need help organizing your Birdwatching trip to Mallorca?

At Aparthotel Ses Fotges we have extensive experience with this type of visitor. Therefore, we can help you solve any doubts on the subject. Whether in the organization of your trip or during your stay al Mallorca.

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