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Sustainable gardens next to the Aparthotel Ses Fotges restaurant

At the Aparthotel Ses Fotges, we have been carrying out actions that support our commitment to sustainability for some time now, trying to be an increasingly "greener" and environmentally friendly accommodation.

If we want future generations to be able to enjoy Playa de Muro as much as we do today, we have to take care of our natural and water resources, while at the same time carrying out responsible and sustainable waste management.

In this post we are going to bring you closer to some of these actions thanks to which we are a sustainable Aparthotel.

Separation of municipal waste

In all the management processes that take place in our establishment, we carry out an efficient separation of waste in order to be able to recycle it correctly.

In kitchens, bars and reception among other departments, we recycle as much as possible to minimise the waste that ends up in incinerators on the island of Mallorca.

However, for the separation to be a complete success it is necessary to count on our clients. For this reason, at the Aparthotel ses fotges we also have plans to implement systems that help you to collaborate with this type of initiative during your stay.

Recycle in our Aparthotel

Separation of hazardous and special waste

In the daily activity of any Hotel or Aparthotel in Playa de Muro it is also inevitable to produce some waste that requires special attention. Therefore, at Ses Fotges we pay special attention to this type of waste such as batteries, aerosols or small electrical appliances.

Their correct separation and treatment is of vital importance so that they are removed and correctly treated by accredited companies.

Water saving measures

Staying on an island like Mallorca has great advantages such as paradisiacal beaches and being able to enjoy the Serra de Tramuntana, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

However, water constraints are also important and must be taken into account in order to develop a sustainable activity in the tourism sector.

Many small actions can make a difference:

- The use of flow restrictors on taps and showers can achieve water savings of around 40%.

- The green areas have efficient irrigation systems (drip type) to reduce consumption to a minimum. In addition, we choose plants for our gardens that are well adapted to the Mediterranean climate, so much less water is needed for irrigation and maintenance.

Sustainable Mediterranean gardens

Spill prevention in case of accidents

In addition to saving water and trying to generate as little waste as possible, at our Aparthotel in Playa de Muro we take special measures to avoid polluting the environment.

Ses Fotges is located next to the Albufera de Mallorca and other natural sites of special protection.

That is why we have safety buckets and other means for the containment of containers with chemical products. This type of preventive measures minimise any type of contamination and accidental spillage.

Elimination of single-use amenities and plastics

One of the most important causes of plastic and waste generation in the past was the "amenities" available in the rooms and the use of single-use plastic containers.

Plastic-free desserts and meals whenever possible

At Ses Fotges we believe that their use is not compatible with the concept of Sustainable Hotel, so we have eliminated their use as much as possible in our Aparthotel.

The collaboration and support of our customers in this regard has been vital to the success of these sustainable measures.

Our employees: a team trained and committed to sustainability

All the actions that can be undertaken by the management of a Sustainable Hotel are meaningless if we do not have a committed team.

For this reason, we work with our employees to improve training and awareness in this regard. Just as the role of the clients is very important, the role played by the Aparthotel's own employees is no less important.

We continue working to improve the sustainability of Ses Fotges.

Although sustainability is already present in almost all processes and in the daily life of our Aparthotel, we are still working on important improvements in this sense.

We are currently in the process of installing solar panels on the building. When this sustainable improvement process is implemented, we expect to reduce energy consumption by 80%, thus saving carbon dioxide and harmful emissions.

Can you help us to be greener?

At Ses Fotges we continue to work every day to be a more sustainable accommodation, however, to be successful we need to count on you.

If during your stay you help us with actions such as controlling water or energy consumption, many more generations will be able to enjoy Playa de Muro as we are lucky enough to do.

During your stay do not hesitate to leave us your comments or suggestions, from which we can surely learn to be a sustainable accommodation.

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