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What to see in the North of Majorca: Formentor Beach

The North area of ​​Mallorca, in which the Aparthotel Ses Fotges is located, has many unique places to see and enjoy.

Just a few kilometers away by car or public transport, we will find towns with a special charm, the best beaches and coves, caves and monasteries of singular beauty.

Most of these sites can be visited in a one or half day excursion, so you can dedicate part of your stay to them and thus alternate with the other attractions that Playa de Muro has to offer.

Outstanding places to visit in the North of Mallorca

  1. Cape and beach of Formentor
  2. Sanctuary of Lluc
  3. Valldemossa
  4. Caves of Campanet
  5. Accommodation in the North of Mallorca
  6. Other plans

Cape and beach of Formentor

In the extreme north of Mallorca you will find the Formentor Lighthouse, located on the peninsula of the same name and which has truly impressive views.

Most of these sites can be visited in a one or half day excursion, so you can dedicate part of your stay to them and thus alternate with the other attractions that Playa de Muro has to offer.

Sanctuary of Lluc

This monastery is located in the highest part of the "Sierra de Tramuntana", next to Puig Major, the highest mountain on the island of Mallorca.

From the Sanctuary we can make a large number of excursions through the mountains, along the Serra de Tramuntana, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Lluc Sanctuary from a drone's eye view

In addition to the great natural and scenic value of the area, Lluc can be part of a longer route to the town of Valldemosa, which we will talk about below.

On Sundays and weekends it usually has a greater influx of people since many residents of the Island come to the area on these days.


The town of Valldemossa is another very special place to visit in the Serra de Tramuntana.

This corner is famous for its Cartuja, in which Chopin and George Sand spent a winter composing their music and in which George Sand wrote “A winter in Mallorca”. All the details can be found in the Museum that bears the name of the composer and musician.

General view of Valldemosa

During your visit to Valldemossa, you cannot miss visiting their ovens in which they make potato things. An emblematic sweet in Mallorca that is typical of this town.

As you can see in the previous photograph, the landscape of the Valldemossa area is really impressive, so walking tours of the town are very pleasant.

Finally, it is also worth seeing the Port of Valldemosa. The access road is not very good, but it is located in a unique natural cove. The best thing to do to access it easily and enjoy the surroundings more is not to do it on the weekend.

Campanet Caves

We finish the route of places to see and visit in the north of Mallorca in the Caves of Campanet. Some natural caves located in the municipality of the same name and that can be visited throughout the year.

The visit is done without a guide, so we can do the tour at our own pace without the need for a specific schedule or planning the visit.

If you pass by on your route through Mallorca, it is an interesting place that is worth spending a moment on your tour.

Accommodation in the North of Majorca

You can organise all these plans for your visit to Majorca from our Aparthotel in Playa de Muro. From here you will have good road connectivity, so the most advisable choice is usually to hire your own car.

Other plans in the North

In this post we have only brought you closer to some of the many plans that you can organize during your stay in Ses Fotges. In addition, you will also find the best beaches in the Mediterranean, unique coves and all kinds of activities for couples and families.

The staff at our reception will be able to help you choose the perfect plans to enjoy your stay 100%

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