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Mallorca 312 La carrera Ciclista del Año 2023

The Mallorca 312 cycling race returns to the island for another year, with three diferent versions to suit all types of road sports enthusiasts and professionals. As its name suggests, its route covers 312 Km in its full version, though there are other shorter options to accommodate all cyclists.

At the 2023 edition of the 312 the race will be held on dates closer to the original ones, after major changes were made in 2021 due to the pandemic. This year the event will take place on Saturday, April 29 from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., with a large number of additional activities, gifts for participants, and many more advantages.

1. Registration
in the Mallorca 312

Registration for the 2023 edition has been announced since 4 October 2022 on the organisation's website.

The general registration fee is €100, but this depends on the rate at which people register. For the last edition. spots sold out in the first twelve hours,and something similar is expected to happen this year.

registration on Mallorca 312


Not all participating cyclists sign up for the longest and most difficult version of the race, as there are a total of three different options, varying in length:

  • 1 Mallorca 312
  • 2 Mallorca 225
  • 3 Mallorca 167

The difference between the three options is the distance they cover; with all sharing the main route, the shorter routes return to the Platja de Muro earlier.

Did you know that...? All cyclists registered in one of the events get a 5% discount on accommodations at the Ses Fotges aparthotel. Cyclists only need to present their registration to receive the discount.

There are three cycling races to choose from, with a route on Mallorca roads closed exclusively for the race. Thanks to this, all the participants will be able to enjoy a safe event in which they will also have many other services at their disposal.



The roads are blocked off for the race's whole route;Mallorca 312 has the support of local authorities, so the entire route of the event runs along roads reserved just for the event. Thanks to this, all the participants of the race will be able to enjoy maximal safety.

2 Gifts

Gifts included with registration: upon registering and paying, participants are entitled to a pack that includes, among other things, a bag, the official 312 jersey, free refreshments, etc.

3 Services

Support services for the cyclist: over the course of the route participants will be able to use the support cars and professional mechanics located at strategic points along it.

4 Timing

Professional timing: During the event the times of all the participants are tracked using advanced, smart systems, allowing everyone to obtain the results at the end of it.

In addition to these key services, a fair with exhibitors will also be available to the general public at the Start and Finish area, including sponsors of the event and brands related to the sport of cycling.

This area will also feature other services, such as professional masseuses and physiotherapists specialized in this sport, available for the cyclists


In addition to all the advantages for those registered for the Mallorca 312, Ses Fotges guests will have at their disposal a large number of exclusive services:

A gift pack to clean their bikes, as well as access to an exclusive area for this purpose.

A bicycle storage room, with individual locks for each guest. Guests who prefer to take their bicycles to their room can do so with the cover that they will be given for this purpose (they will be asked for a deposit to cover possible damages, to be returned upon their departure).

A special protein-rich menu for athletes included with the apartment hotel's buffet

Open waterswimming area right in front of the hotel.

The possibility of hiring a maintenance service with a company with which the establishment has an agreement.

2. Race

The routes of the three versions of the Mallorca 312 share the same main route, so the riders of the 225 and 167 routes will share the road with the participants in the main, 312-km event.

Routes of the Mallorca 312

All of them extend from Northern Mallorca (starting at the Platja de Muro) towards the Serra de Tramuntana, running in a southwesterly direction. Depending on the category one has chosen, he or she heads back to the start/finish line, where most of the services available to cyclists will be located.

In addition to having all the aforementioned en-route services, additional supply points will be located along the route, some of which will include mechanics and other assistance..

3. Accommodations at
the Platja de Muro

All the participants in the Mallorca 312 who need accommodations near the race's starting line have the Aparthotel Ses Fotges available to them, offering an ideal location.

Ses Fotges offers all the services and facilities necessary for cyclists, as it regularly welcomes a large number of them throughout the season.

The establishment's know-how in the sector attracts more visitors each year, who enjoy the climate and the roads of the island of Mallorca, seeking an experience meeting their high expectations.

Accommodation Hotel Ses Fotges

4. Frequently
asked questions

Whether you plan to participate, or if you have already registered for the Mallorca 312, below you will find the relevant FAQs.

As during previous editions many participants have stayed at the Aparthotel Ses Fotges in Platja de Muro, we know that the clarity and convenience it offers cyclists helps them enjoy the race, giving them greater peace of mind.

Questions for participants Mallorca 312


Where do I register for the Mallorca 312 of 2023?

Registration is open as of October 4, 202 on the organizer's official website (Milestone Series)

How should I train for the race?

Although this is a complex issue that is not easy to address in a single answer, the basic key is perseverance and prior preparation. In addition to having high-quality cycling equipment (a checked bicycle, specific clothing and footwear, helmet and basic spare parts), preparation must be carried out well in advance.

Gradual training with increasingly longer distances, specific nutrition, and even medical examinations are steps you should take before signing up for this 312-km gran fondo.

¿Where should I stay in Platja de Muro to avoid transport problems?

The Aparthotel Ses Fotges is a very good option, as it is near the race's starting line. It is important to make your reservation as far in advance as possible, since on these dates the demand for rooms is always very high. Availability can be checked directly on this page, with exclusive benefits by booking directly with the aparthotel.

What is the schedule for 2023?

The official schedule for this year's Mallorca 312 is from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm. This is the global schedule of the activities that will be held this year. However, it is advisable to check the start times in the days prior to the event.


To ensure that your bicycle does not give you any problems during this demanding athletic event, in addition to requesting a professional check in advance, it is also important to have some knowledge to be able to carry out another check before the start.

Checking your bicycle

1 Bicycle frame

Although it is the part that usually presents the fewest problems, it is important to do a visual check to avoid any surprises during the race's 312 kilometers.

Check the frame for cracks, especially if it is carbon fiber. The front fork is a part that you should pay special attention to, as well as the “leg” where the rear gearshift is mounted. Having a replacement for this part can be very important.

2 Gear changes

Make sure that they are well calibrated at the stops, and check the tension of the cables. Ensure that the cables are in good condition and their covers are clean so that movement is smooth.

3 Brakes

Braking systems are critical to the safety of Mallorca 312 cyclists and the rest of the participants in the event.

Check that the brake pads are correctly positioned and check for wear. Also, adjust the travel of each caliper, making sure that the control tension is firm and comfortable.

4 Chain and drivetrain

Chain wear is always related to that of the rest of the drivetrain, so you must make sure that it is in good condition, to avoid breakage. Carrying a quick-link with you can save you from a tight spot if it breaks in the middle of the race.

Also check the lubrication of all the components to prevent them from getting jammed and breaking. In case of humidity, lubricants with Teflon can be a good option.

5 Wheels

As for the wheels of the bicycle, you should check the alignment of the rims. They should be well centered, and with proper spoke tension.

Always carry spare parts for tubes and tires. This is the weakest part and that which usually gives cyclists the most problems. A pump is also always a must.

parts of the bicycle

6. Roads
blocked off
for the Mallorca 312

For the safety of all race participants, the Mallorca 312 involves a series of temporary roadblocks on the island of Mallorca.

All of them are previously signposted and, whenever possible, alternative routes are opened or taken into account.

The details of the roadblocks and routes can be viewed both on the website of the Consell de Mallorca and on the organization's page. In addition, those interested or affected can use WhatsApp to make inquiries:

Plus two mobile lines:

Road cut information Mallorca 312

7. Conclusion

The Mallorca 312 has become one of the most important cycling events in all of Europe. Cyclists of dozens of different nationalities visit Mallorca every year to participate in this gran fondo, undoubtedly a landmark event in international cycling today.

For the island of Mallorca, it is a valuable tourist attraction that generates a large influx of travelers outside the high season.

Thanks to the 312, Platja de Muro welcomes a large influx of visitors from other parts of Spain, and from Germany and England. Visitors who discover, thanks to this cycling race, everything that can be enjoyed on the northern coast of Mallorca.

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